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Google page rank explained

Google page rank plays an important role in where a website is listed in a set of search results. In theory the higher Google page rank you have, the higher your listing is on search results.

Many people are still baffled on how a websites page rank is calculated and what exactly it is. This article gives a rough explanation on Google page rank.

A brief description is as follows:

The page rank of a particular site is calculated by the page rank of all the sites that are linking to it. Each incoming or reciprocal link that points to your site will improve your page rank. This means that reciprocal link exchanges with similar sites will benefit your site.

However. Linking to numerous sites is all good, but link to a site that has a higher page rank then yourself will have a great effect on your page rank.

The easiest way to check the page rank of a site is to download the GOOGLE TOOLBAR which will tell you the page rank of a site when you surf the internet. However you can view the page rank of a site without installing the toolbar HERE.

If you would like to read Google's description of their page rank, please visit their TECHNOLOGY page.

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