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Alexa page rank explained

Alexa traffic rank is a new tool following the introduction of the Google page rank system. Alexa gives each site and its relative pages a traffic rank which in theory shows how popular your site is on the internet.

Although the Alexa traffic rank is a lot easier to understand then the Google page rank system I feel it is important to explain how it works.

A brief description is as follows:

The Alexa traffic rank is calculated from the millions of Alexa toolbars and their users. Each toolbar records what web sites you visit. This data is through to Alexa headquarters which is then sorted, counted and computed to produce the Alexa traffic rank that we see on our Alexa toolbars today.

The traffic rank is calculated from 3 months of historical traffic data which comes from the millions of Alexa toolbars over the internet.

The final figure is combined from measure of page views (the number of pages viewed by toolbar users) and users (percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site).

The easiest way to check the traffic rank of a site is to download the ALEXA TOOLBAR which will tell you the traffic rank of a site when you surf the internet. However you can view the traffic rank of a site without installing the toolbar HERE.

If you would like to read Alexa's description of their traffic rank, please visit their TECHNOLOGY page.

Other handy web sites relating to Alexa traffic rank are as follows:



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