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Improve your Google page rank

There are numerous tips and pointers all over the internet about how to improve your Google page rank. Some of these are listed below:

Increase the number of inbound links:

Google calculates the page rank of a site according to the number of inbound links you have. Having an inbound link from a site with a high page rank will do wonders for your page rank. Because of this statement the most obvious tip is to try and get as many links pointing to your web site as possible.

Improve your keyword density:

All search engines and especially Google use the keyword density factor to list your web site in search results. For example, if your site is about electronics and your site does not contain the keyword 'electronics', your website will have no chance in of getting a high listing in search engine results. Keyword desity is a percentage of the total number of word on a particular page. For improved search engine results try to add 'keyword phrases' that internet users would search for. For example 'affordable electronics' or 'electronics in Chelmsford, Essex'.

Keyword links:

Various people believe that links pointing to your site that has a keyword phrase in the text link will improve your Google page rank. For example if your inbound links have 'cheap web hosting' in, when a user searches for 'cheap web hosting' on a search engine, your site will be listed higher up the serach results.

Have a relative title tag:

It is now important to have a relative web page title as it seems as Google now takes into account your title tag when calculating your page rank. The title tag goes in between <title> and </title> in the <head> section of your HTML code. When deciding on what to have as your page title, try to summarise your web site using keyword and keyword phrases.



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